Scoreboard for iPad

Scoreboard is the perfect App for keeping track of all your different kinds of Scoreboards!
Wether you want to create a simple Scoreboard, play Yahtzee, Phase 10, Thirty-One or keep track of any other kind of score, Scoreboard is perfect for you!
You can save your results, share them with your Friends and you can even throw some dices!


Default Scoreboard

✓ Automatic Horizontal and Vertical Score-Calculation!
✓ Unlimited Players!
✓ Add Notes for each Row!


✓ Optimized Input methods
✓ Automatic Score- and Bonus-Calculation
✓ Unlimited Number of Players


✓ Simple Tallysheet
✓ Unlimited Number of Players


✓ Optimized input methods
✓ Automatic Score-Calculation
✓ Unlimited Number of Players

Simple Scoreboard

✓ Change the value with a simple Swipe!
✓ Unlimited number of players
✓ Smooth Scrolling

Phase 10

✓ Automatic score-calculation!
✓ Overview of the different Phases!
✓ Smooth scrolling!
✓ Unlimited number of players

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